List of formations of the United States Army during World War II

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This is a list of formations of the United States Army during the Second World War. Many of these formations still exist today, though many by different designations. Included are formations that were placed on rolls, but never organized, as well as “phantom” formations used in the Allied Operation Quicksilver deception of 1944—these are marked accordingly.


1 Army Groups
2 Field Armies
3 Corps
4 Divisions

4.1 Airborne Divisions
4.2 Armored Divisions
4.3 Cavalry Divisions
4.4 Infantry Divisions
4.5 Mountain Divisions

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Army Groups[edit]

1st Army Group (“phantom” formation)
6th Army Group
12th Army Group
15th Army Group

Field Armies[edit]

First Allied Airborne Army
First United States Army
Second United States Army
Third United States Army
Fourth United States Army
Fifth United States Army
Sixth United States Army
Seventh United States Army
Eighth United States Army
Ninth United States Army
Tenth United States Army
Fourteenth United States Army (“phantom” formation)
Fifteenth United States Army


I Corps
I Armored Corps
II Corps
III Corps
IV Corps
V Corps
VI Corps
VII Corps
VIII Corps
IX Corps
X Corps
XI Corps
XII Corps
XIII Corps
XIV Corps
XV Corps
XVI Corps
XVIII Airborne Corps
XIX Corps
XX Corps
XXI Corps
XXII Corps
XXIV Corps
XXXIII Corps (“phantom” formation)
XXXVII Corps (“phantom” formation)

Airborne, armored, cavalry, infantry, and mountain divisions are grouped separately. The numbering system for the airborne and mountain divisions are a continuation of the infantry numbering system—”phantom” formations are an exception to that numbering system.
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Airborne Divisions[edit]

6th Airborne Division (“phantom” formation)
9th Airborne Division (“phantom” formation)
11th Airborne Division
13th Airborne Division
15th Airborne Division (unorganized)
17th Airborne Division
18th Airborne Division (“phantom” formation)
21st Airborne Division (“phantom” formation)
82nd Airborne Division
101st Airborne Division
135th Airborne Division (“phantom” formation)

Armored Divisions[edit]

1st Armored Division
2nd Armored Division
3rd Ar